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Finances 2022

Finmere Parish Council Finances

As a local government organisation, the PC is governed by Financial Regulations and is subject to an internal and external audit annually.  The current regulations allow PC’s with an income and expenditure below £25k to exempt themselves from the external audit on an annual basis.  For more detailed information please see the sections below.


PC Assets Register

The PC is responsible for various assets around the village, ranging from plots of land to warning signs.  The detailed Asset Register is below.  



Parish Remuneration Panel

This body decides the annual rate of allowances which can be paid to Councillors, for petrol expenses etc.  Finmere PC currently chooses not to pay allowances but must confirm receipt of the Panel’s report, please see the report below.



Annual Accounts

The PC must complete various documents including the Annual Governance and Accountability Return to complete the annual audit. For all the audit documentation for the year ending April 2022 please see the documents below.  For the accounts documents of previous years please see the sub-page list in the Finances section of the menu bar above.

Accounts 2022